Formula Americas Network (FAN) is proud to present the F4 U.S.Championship and the Formula Regional Americas Championship for F3 cars in Mexico, Canada, and the USA. We have always felt following young drivers as they come through the ranks of motorsports is not only exciting but critical to the continued growth of the sport and the expansion of open-wheel racing in North America. Formula 1 is the 2nd biggest sport in the world outside of the U.S. We hope to support and promote grassroots open-wheel motorsports in North America in the same way Midget, Sprint and NASCAR development series racing is currently covered today.

To provide the world’s open-wheel motorsports fanbase with a world-class, interactive, live-action viewing experience with the most comprehensive coverage of Karting, F4 U.S., and FR Americas competition.

FANS will be able to experience racing through a real-time interactive experience with the ability to interact with broadcasts, broadcasters, drivers, and fans alike, inviting fans into the “inner circle” of Formula Motorsports. For FAN, we want to not only cover races but let fans in to experience the emotion, sacrifice, perseverance, and personal experiences that make motorsports the most challenging on Earth.

FAN follows the drivers and teams promoting them through unique “insider” stories as they progress up the ranks of open-wheel motorsport on their journey to IndyCar and Formula 1 competition.