Crosslink / Kiwi Motorsport

Team Name: Crosslink / Kiwi Motorsport
Team Chief: Garry Orton & Teena Larsen
Class(s): F4
HomeTown: Dallas, TX workshop. New Zealand originally.
No. of Drivers: 5
Technical Chief: Garry Orton
Country: USA and New Zealand
WINS: 15

2108 Teams championship winners
2019 Teams championship winners
2019 Drivers Championship winners

Kiwi Motorsport owned by Teena Larsen and Garry Orton joined forces with Patrick Flynn of Crosslink Competition to form Crosslink/Kiwi Motorsport.
We are very Focused on teaching the drivers how to come from karts and transitioning into the formula cars with the correct knowledge being handed down.
Kiwi Motorsport runs a successful F3 team in New Zealand which provides an excellent 5 week training Ground to prepare for the drivers upcoming seasons around the world. Two of those previous F3 New Zealand drivers went on to become Formula 1 drivers. Both driving for Torro Rossa – Honda.